G120 - Very slow start up after long power off

I developed a proprietary board based on G120, so my problem will be difficult to reproduce.

The symptoms are very strange : when I poweroff the board more than 10s. The app only starts after up to 4 minutes (The debugger and USB connection is disconnected). But after this initial time, everything is ok and the app can regularly run without any problem. It seems the G120 waits something to start and after a sort of timeout the app starts.

During this time, if I want to connect the debugger, it is unable to connect to the G120, and then, when the app starts, everything is ok and I can update the app as the debugger connects.

If I power off the board only a short time (5 seconds) after a successful start, the app starts quite immediately as usual…

I try to do the same on the FEZ Cobra 3 with the same code, and I’m unable to reproduce the problem. So I’m wondering if something connected to G120 could make happened this type of behavior ?

So if somebody has an idea of what could be the cause of this strange behavior, it will be very helpful.

Your tinybooter flag is stuck! Clear it from mfdeploy. If you do not know how, use mfdeploy, our FEZ config, to update the network config and this should automatically clear it.

Or just erase your device and reload the firmware.


@ Gus - Many thanks

I used FEZ Config and it perfectly works as you describe.

@ Gus - The problem is back.

I was quite sure, it was ok. But after a day switch off. The board starts after 3 minutes again.

Is there a way to check what is the tinybooter flag value ?


This only happens when you use mfdeploy and unplug the device instead of finishing the process.