G120 USBClient and NAND

Hello all,

I am using a FEZ Cobra (G120 module), and I am trying to access the NAND from a PC through the USB Client.

It DOES work for a USB drive plugged into the Cobra, but if I try to create persistent storage object pointing to the NAND I get an error.

This line throws an error:
PersistentStorage ps = new PersistentStorage(“NAND”);

This is the error:
“An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ArgumentException’ occurred in GHI.Premium.IO.dll”

Should I be able to do this? Or, is the flash on the G120 not accessible this way?


We do not expose the internal flash to the end user. You have probably seen this on some old docs for ChipworkX, which is not valid today. You can use SD card instead.

Welcome to the community.

I can’t tell from the docs, if I used a Flash Module or SD card module, would I be able to expose them as a USB drive?

Or, to put it another way, if I want to have the G120 appear as a flash drive to a PC, can I use the plug in modules, or will that only work with device connected directly?

Thanks again!

You can use SD and USB memory currently.