G120 Touch

Hi, I have a G120hdr board and also a TE35 display, I have compiled the glide library against netmf 4.2 and used glide to display controls on the te35display. I have now been trying to get the touch interface working and am a bit confused on what the right path is - so far I have tried the following …all with no success:

  1. Tried the examples from the glide library examples found here http://www.ghielectronics.com/glide/example/5/
  2. I have tried running the glide example from \Glide\Examples\Datagridexample.xml

Where do I plug in the Touch cable from the TE35 display (I have tried both user1 and user2…neither appear to work?)

I am lost at this point in trying to work out how this should be done, or even if it is supported/possible - the G120 brochure shows a capacative touch 7 inch screen - so I assume touch is working? If so how do i get this working? …if not when will it be available?


Hi again.

Good chance that touch won’t be enabled on the G120HDR. The touch for CP7 or TE35 needs a T socket and you don’t have one - http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=G120HDR_Developer sections for displays show TBA so I guess you might need to play the waiting game until there’s more detail.

Even that there is no T socket, you can create an T socket by wireing up one of the user sockets to the correct pins (2 Analog Pins are needed for touch I think)
But the Wiki says that Touch is not yet supported by the firmware.

Hi all,

I am trying to get touch working with a G120 module too and just stumbled across lots of chat about it.

The TE35 has the 4 wires of the touch brought out to the 10 way connector. The CP7 uses I2C.

I am working on a small PCB for the TE35 that will add a TSC2046 touch screen controller to allow the TE35 to generate touch events. It will need a driver but as the TSC2046 is a common device, this is straight forward enough and you can hook in the touch to the system. There is a link here that will be helpful for this. (assuming you use Glide)