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G120 Touch screen support


Which pins on the G120 module is used for resistive touch interface?

Morten Hedegaard


If there display does not have a touch controller, then the interface would be analog inputs.


Hi txd,

Resistive Touch is not yet implemented in G120. It is slated for a future Firmware release.


Hi aron,
I repeat the last question from txd. I’d use the G120 module with my own card,
Is that now I can use this som module with TE35 display touch interface ?
Which pins are are used on the G120 module to interface TE35 touch screen fonctionnality?
Best regards,


See the FEZ Cobra II schematics on where the touch socket pins are connected please.



This post made me a bit ( …or more) confused.

I’m currently using the G120 for a new design.
I’ll be using a different LCD than the TE35.

Raystar RFC35C-CIW-D-000
It’s a 3.5" LCD with a four wire resistive touch

Does the the G120 use the analog inputs to sample the XY electrodes?
Or do I need a dedicated touch screen IC to implement touch (I don’t see one on the TE35 or Cobra schematics)?



Looking at the schematic Gus pointed to, the touch is connected to X4 and uses the ADC inputs on the G120 to handle the touch.

If you are doing a custom board, you could also use a touch controller IC. I did this with a recent design as I was then able to put the touch controller on the LCD PCB and then have SPI via the ribbon cable to the main board.


thank you all,
I can now integrate all the G120 hardware part in my new design card,
then I guess the GHI library contains all the software elements!?


Yes all software is already implemented.


Thanks Gus