G120 to G120E

Hi everyone, I’m facing an interesting issue regarding the Ethernet interface in our G120 boards.

We stocked G120 SoM for our current products and we want to use the same parts for different applications on the same products.

One model of our current product line requires now 100Base-TX ethernet and we want to use our stock of G120 SoM.

Digging around the forums I have found that the G120-E is using the DP83848K data sheet, product information and support | TI.com (unconfirmed)

So my question for GHI and anyone that could offer some light is:

If we get the same Ethernet PHY chip from the G120E, can we use the existing drivers on our existing G120?

Can someone share how can we connect this chip to a regular G120 to make the GHI built in driver for .Net framework work (pin wise)?
I’m not asking for the G120E schematics just for a sample pin out with this PHY chip to work with a G120 using the GHI existing drivers or maybe a way to reuse the existing Ethernet builtin code with the G120 and the Ethernet PHY chip because it was already done for the G120E.

Hopefully I won’t need to develop a driver from scratch and be able to get some of the already tested and bullet-proof code from GHI into the Ethernet controller.


In theory yes it will work and you do not need a driver. This was not tested. What I suggest is that you work with our consulting on getting this together for you. A safer route and probably cheaper than trial and error.

Great @ Gus !
You guys are awesome.
I will get in touch as soon as we finish the requirement, at least we have the critical path covered.
Do you mind sharing the email of the right person to contact about this?

@ Mogollon - Here’s the schematic that i used to implement the PHY to a G120 board.



@ RobvanSchelven - Wow thanks a lot, that is a big help!

By any chance it worked with the GHI builtin network drivers?

@ RobvanSchelven - great. Then this is proven to work already.

Yes you can use the dirtect ethernet driver. I will send you a direct message with a clear PDF of the schematic tomorrow.


@ RobvanSchelven - You are a saver, that was going to be my next question. I will be waiting for it.
Thanks again!

A great example of an amazing community.


@ cyberh0me - I agree, there is any way I can do that?

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@ Mogollon - Random members reading the thread later on, will automatically do that for you.