G120 TH Not recognized on USB by Windows

I just received the G120TH unit from GHI.

I connect my G120TH to the USB on Windows and the device simply does not appear, FEZ don’t see it, I can’t see it on the device manager, it’s like nothing is connected.

I followed the Device Startup Procedure that appears on this document:

But nothing works, any suggestion on this?


Did you connect 3.3V to it?

It does not draw power from the USB and requires an external 3.3V supply. It does say that the USB power is available to feed to a regulator but this is not part of the board.

@ Dave McLaughlin -
Yes Of course, and I get both LEDs On, USB and Power

OK that’s good. When you plug it into the computer, do you hear any sound from Windows at all?

@ Dave McLaughlin -

I don’t hear anything, and I opened the Device Manager to see if any devices appears, and nothing.

I also tested on another computer with no luck.

Do you have any test equipment available?

Check the MODE line on SH27 (P2.1) is LOW. On the G120E dev board this is pulled LOW but on the G120TH it is not connected to anything.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Yes, I do have test equipment.

And Yes I set P2.1 to LOW

But nothing

Now I pulled it HIGH too, But same occurs, Nothing


I think I found the issue, it looks that the Power Supply I was using it not giving enough current to the G120TH.

I connected another Power Supply and now it being recognized by FEZ Config and Windows.


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