G120 Stuck in Bootloader Mode

Hi, we have used the G120 for a controller board for the last 3 or 4 years successfully.

But this year we have received two boards failing to boot up from two different customers in Europe.

We know that we were not supposed to use the SPI channel that is shared internally with the flash memory but we had no other option.

I try all the other posts in the forums trying to get the board to work but even using Teraterm after uploading the firmware to the memory it doesn’t restart, it returns bad firmware.

We decided to swap the memory with another SoM and everything works, if I we put the memory back it doesn’t work again.

The not working SoM has a Spansion memory and uses the GHI Bootloader v1.01 the second board has a Winbond memory with GHI Bootloader v1.02.

If we swap just the memory both SoM works no problem, If I put back the original memory in the defective board it won’t load again.

My question is: is there something in the bootloader that is failing with the Spansion memory on version 1.01 that may be fixed in 1.02 (data corruption check or a memory marker)?

We are ruling out a physical problem with the memory since it works on the newer SoM.

Any tips?

Yes we did improve the bootloader’s memory configuration. Very rarely some boards failed to boot. Looks like you have faced another edge case.

Please email us directly and we will work with you on a quick solution.

Sure, I will.