G120 Status?

I have been watching GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software, updated as recently as 11/29, for what seems like forever waiting for SD card, interrupt and touch support to show up on the G120. What is the status of this thing? I don’t follow the forum but do see someone asking about upgrading to a 4.2.7 firmware version. No mention of it anywhere on the page above, though, and certainly no download links.

Is this thing really going to be ready for prime-time or is it vaporware? I have put off a project waiting for this and I’m about out of time.

It’s pretty much done.
With the latest firmware i am using interrupt’s, SD card, SPI without issue.
Docs are just out of date

Just deleted that section from G120 developer page. The firmware is now in-line with the rest of product so you will need to check the official release notes in SDK for any known issues if there are any.

Great, guys, thanks. Looks like I’m off to Mouser at lunchtime.

Thanks again.

To be more clear, here is the page you need GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software