G120 startup time

Hi all,

I would ask if the 7s startup time is normal. I explain:

When I start my cobra II, my program is starting only after 7s. For an embedded system it’s a lot, no ?

@ Lionel - Yes its normal. The device is reading from the SPI flash memory at startup.

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Ok thx.

@ Lionel -

If you connect by USB then you will see start up time takes 7 seconds.

But if the board runs without USB connected then it just take about 2 seconds.
Or if the board has an application already then it also take about 2 seconds.
You can deploy simple application with blink LED then you will see.

Meaning 7 seconds is only when the board is empty (no C# application) and USB debugger is connected to PC.
That was 4.3 normal behavior, but it is corrected in our new TinyCLR.