g120/Spider II not showing up in FEZ Config

I built a thingy with a FEZ Spider II, that I finished summer 2017. Since then I installed TinyCLR 0.7 and updated a bunch of cards, but not my thingy. I now need to do an update to the thingy’s software, but the .NET MF Deploy for (nor FEZ Config) will ‘find’ the device when it’s plugged in via USB. The board shows up in device manager as G120, but I can’t deploy my fix to it. What did I do to lose the board, and, more important, what can I do to get it back.

On a side note, is the FEZ Spider II upgradeable to TinyCLR?

My guess is that you have loaded TinyCLR firmware and that is why it doesn’t show in NETMF.

Either way, we recommend using TinyCLR if you do not have a good reason to still use NETMF.

Hi Gus, No, definitely not TinyCLR yet – the unit is in production. And I’m not ready to update the system to TinyCLR yet, I need to do a small fix to the code and get it back out there. Can you think of any suggestion to see the unit from MFDeploy? Just to double-check, I used TinyCLR on my computer to see if it shows up there, and it doesn’t either.

fundamentals. What does Device Manager show you?

When I plug the board in, I gain a single USB device, named G120. See att. picture. But there is no device available in .Net MFDeploy.

What’s intriguing is the timestamp of the Events seen in the properties. I don’t know why it says 09:11:56 and today’s date. I use 24h time, and my computer shows it is currently 20:54 (6 min to 9pm). This hasn’t been working for 3 days, and I wasn’t at my computer this morning, though the board may have been plugged in…

please show us the driver tab.

(theory about the events: they’re in UTC rather than showing local time - not that it matters really)

Also show us in bootloader mode.

I’d hazard a guess that if you put it in bootloader mode and reloaded netmf firmware you might progress further, if you want to try that. It could be that your current app is consuming the processor cycles and the debugging engine is not able to present itself to the mfdeploy engine that wants to connect to it… but that’s just a theory. Redeploying the netmf firmware will eliminate that

I would start by uninstalling the USB drivers and reloading the firmware on your device.