G120 spi2

I am looking at using a G120 for a project and was looking through the brochure. I noticed that only P0 and P2 are interrupt capable.

(Pin 19, 20, and 21)
SPI2 does not have a port number on the brochure

Are these interrupt capable?

From GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

SPI2 pins should not be used as GPIO (they are connected on on-board FLASH) but they are labeled as GPIO on the silkscreen. Please do not use P0.7. P0.8, P0.9 as GPIO and only as SPI. SPI2 SCK - P0.7 | SPI2 MISO - P0.8 | SPI2 MOSI - P0.9

Thanks for the link and quick reply, that is very helpful

Your welcome :slight_smile: