G120 speed hack not working on new arrived G120 module

Hi all,

var emcclksel = new Register(0x400FC100);

I use the above code to speedup a G120 board… Running this code on many boards did not gave any issues this far.
In a new custom design this code locks the system. The only difference i see between this new design and the “old” boards is the external memory used on the G120 module. However the used G120 module has a faster memory so i can’t imagine why this code could be a problem
Old board memory 48LC8M16A2-75, new board 48LC8M16A2-6A

Any suggetion is welcome, Thanks

The datasheet shows the -75 version as 133Mhz and the -6A as 167Mhz

The overclocking on the 167Mhz memory should not be an issue but GHI can confirm this.

I wonder if there are underlying code changes made by GHI to support the faster 167Mhz memory and this could explain the crash?

Datasheet for the CPU is here


@ Dave McLaughlin - Thanks, i have examn this and the memory datasheet. I think GHI needs to tell :wink:

Yes we improved the sdram timing. Have you tried the latest firmware on an older board to see if it would fail?

But note that overclocking is not supported or recommended in a real application.

@ Gus - Yes, i tested the latest firmware (pre release 2016-1) + hack on an older device (Cobra II) and its working fine.