G120 SODIMM adapter PCB

Perhaps this has been asked before, but in a quick search I didn’t find any topics.

My application currently uses a G400 processor with the SODIMM 200 connector. I don’t use all the features and would like in some instances (but not all) to be able to use a G120 instead. Does anyone know if somebody has designed a PCB that would house the G120 and is in the SODIMM200 style form factor for inserting into the slot where one has used a G400? Obviously this would require appropriate pin mapping from the 120 to the DIMM contacts, but I think it could be done.

Just wanted to check before I embark on designing one myself.


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This is a good idea. Not sure I have seen this done before

It’s not a bad idea for someone who needs less processing power. Cost would be about the same by the time you get it made but if you already had your code working on the G120 but wanted the fact you could swap out modules easily, this is a nice route.

I checked the size of the G120 and you would probably need to expand the width of the G400 module to accommodate the G120 without placing any tracks underneath the module.

If you have PCB layout skills it should be quite easy to create this. Altium Designer for instance has templates for this in the online vault but it should be easy to create it yourself as the specs and details are available online.

I find myself in the same boat, but wanting to use the same breakout board for different level’s of processors, (Keeping the mechanical packaging the same, just different tasks),

Was this ever done?