G120 SD Card 'System.Exception in GHI.Premium.IO.dll

I just hooked up my SD card reader in test setup and at :

MySD = new PersistentStorage("SD");

I get this error:

Exception System.Exception - 0xffffffff (1)


GHI.Premium.IO.PersistentStorage::.ctor [IP: 0000]

IrcApplication.Program::Main [IP: 00b4]

A first chance exception of type ‘System.Exception’ occurred in GHI.Premium.IO.dll

I have checked wiring and SD card but that looks ok, a search over the forum comes with most 4.2.7 problems but i’m running

Anny thoughts?

Just been thru this with a fellow Kiwi.
He had similar errors using a G120HDR and after changing to the 5th or 6th different SD card it was all fine with the same code.
Same code and carrier board for me all is happy with my 1st card…
So i would try the same setup with as many different cards as you can find.

I’m using Scandisk Ultra HC 4Gb/ 15Mb/s and Scandisk Ultra HC I 4Gb/ 30Mb/s
Tried 3 of each, reformatted some cards but always same error… i see if i can get my hand on other cards to trie.

@ David@ Emrol - I have been using a Micro SD in a SD adapter.
HC 4GB class 4

Any other possibilities? I tried all the cards i had laying around here, replaced the flat cable.
I’m using a SD Card 1.4 module, this worked just fine until last week, then i updated to and rebuild
my test setup, card detect is working.

Mines a 1.4 module as well…
Sorry - out of ideas here…

We also experiments a lot of troubles using SD on EMX. Even if it did not solve my issue, common answers on the forum for SD problem, are: double check your power supply and or change you card…

I ordered 5 different cards for testing, i put it aside for a day and check when new cards arrived.

Agree, but still want to rule this out, you never know :wink:

The SD card will not work if you insert it in the wrong direction. :slight_smile:

@ Mike - lol

Wrong direction? it fitted perfectly when i used the correct tools…

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@ David@ Emrol - What type/kind of SD card reader do you use? If its a custom board did you use a proper decoupling capacitor at the power supply?

If this is a custom board, did you include a pullup on the MISO line? Without this I got lots of errors and failure to read the card.

I also was missing the Card Detect and without this is also does not work and gave me exceptions.


No custom board, just a SD module http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/271 and a extender board.

@ David@ Emrol - Do you use the G120HDR or the G120 on a custom PCB. Is the extender board connected between G120 and SD?

G120HRD and 6 wires (just 5 cm) to the extender board, i’m not using the socket on the G120HDR.

@ David@ Emrol - 6 + 2 for power and ground i assume :wink: I would try to add a 47uF tantalum capacitor to the SD card board

Indeed :slight_smile: but this is something i’m going to check (power) because maybe i connected to manny modules in this setup for the USB Client DP Module.

It has a G120HDR, TE35, 2 times the can module, usb host, output module, the ENC, serial x2 , SD card, flash, bluetooth and WiFi RS21 Module.

So maybe i’m pulling to mutch from the USB Client DP Module…

Oh my…

Somethimes you check all wiring for 10 times and still missed a thing…
I connected 5 Volt instead of the 3.3 Volt

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