G120 Schematics

Hi I just bought a G120 board and a G120HDR, for a project but I need the full schematics for both.

Where I can find those?


@ Mogollon

Here is the wiki link for developing the G120HDR board: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

To get the G120 pinout, there is a brochure on the catalog found here: http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/G120/G120%20Module%20Brochure.pdf

Fez cobra would be the best reference design.

Sorry about the late response, I has been doing a lot of stuff.

G120 is not an open source board? I need the drawings to support the project that I’m working on, and also as a safety measure if GHI choose not to build it anymore.

I had looked to the brochure and wiki, but I need more specific information about voltage references for analog to digital and digital to analog conversions. This board works with 3.3v as a fixed reference or I can use and external reference like 5v for example?

Please forgive my English and those basics questions


No, G120 is a premium product.

I see…

Well any ideas about the voltages references?

Reference is fixed to 3.3V