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G120, RS9110 and Windows Phone 8


Hi All,

I am trying to connect G120 to my HTC Windows Phone 8 by Wifi and run HttpListener on G120. My first intention was to turn on the Ad-hoc on RS9110. Unfortunately, it appeared that the Windows phone does not see ad-hoc connections. And RS9110 cannot provide a hot-spot.
Next idea was to share the internet from a telephone. At a first glance it worked. G120 was able to see the network provided by the phone and connect to it. However, it was not able to transmit/receive any data. The same thing was happened with a PC: ping failed to any addresses, including - the phone itself. As I found in the web, enabling “Use FIPS” checkbox in the advanced network settings solved the problem for the PC. But looks like the way RS9110 works is not compatible with FIPS.
Also, as I found in Windows Phone forums, this problem is kind of common for many, if not all of Windows 8 phones, regardless of the manufacturer.
Had anyone ran into this issue? Is there a workaround available? Or, probably, are there there any other wifi transceivers to try?


We have a new module specifically made for phones and tablets. Few weeks


I haven’t tried it myself, but you can try using Bluetooth module if range permits.


I have had my Cobra 2 connected via WiFi to my phone’s hotspot (Nokia Lumia 800) without problem. Could get access to network resources.

Like the others, I wonder what your ultimate application is, and whether you can achieve that in another manner.


Hi All,
It is a great news that the new Wifi module is going to be released soon. I’ll be glad to order one, once it is available.
Trying Bluetooth is possible, plus I have a couple of transceivers at my disposal. What worries me a bit is the relatively low speed.
Trying Lumia 800 is a good idea, I’ll try it in the meantime. I am developing a local data storage, alternative to SkyDrive, that’s why I have initially considered wifi as a means of communication.