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G120 RLP header file for NXP LPC1788



where can i find the header file with defined registers adresses on G120 - LPC1788? I only found CMSIS version. ->

I mean something like LPC24xx.h for EMX.



Check nxp site. They should have code examples.


Found it. If you download any source code from nxp site, for example this one:

You will find LPC17xx.h in SPI_SBL\Core\Device\NXP\LPC17xx\Include


@ ohala - Now NXP has the site that contains lot of docs/software.

Look at LPCOpen software.


Thanks Architect, this file i have allready. Its not complete. Some peripherals are missing, i will try to add it.

@ dobova> Thank you, i take look there.