G120 Reflow profile

Is there a reflow profile available for the G120 modules or some recommendations?
I have seen one for the EMX modules, could I stick to this one?

Same on one should be good.

Have you had experience with overcooked modules?
How much tolerance should still be safe? (I think we have done a faze more than a minute on 225…)

We did not try to purposely overcook modules so I am not sure.

Why not :wink: it’s fun finding the extreme boundaries :smiley:
Blowing up things is a standard stress relieve exercise at our department…

We use a SAC305 Lead-Free No Clean solder paste. Peak temperature is 235-245C with a time of 45-75 seconds. If you go above 260C the board itself can start to delaminate.

Ok, this could confirm we just have a fault between the V1.0 and V2.0 PCB design… more testing after I hade some decent hours sleep :wink:

@ David@ Emrol - And yeah it is fun finding the extremes.