G120 radiated emissions- 36dB per millivolt at 60 MHz

I’m wondering if anyone else has looked at the radiated emissions of the G120 module, seen the spike at 60MHz of 36dB per millivolt, and found a way to fix it?

How are you measuring this? Is it conducted or radiated emissions you are measuring?

On my design I only tested over the 150Khz to 30Mhz for the normal EMC testing range so I would not have seen the 60Mhz signal you are seeing so if I get time today, I’ll hook up the G120 board to the spectrum analyser and see if I see the same at 60Mhz.

Thank you for the quick response, I am looking at radiated emissions. If someone else is seeing this, we might be able to entice the fantastic and highly supportive team at GHI to take a look at suppressing it.