G120 questions

I finally got in my hand a G120HDR rev2 board. It’s running fine, but two question, no gadgeteer use:

1.I used GHI alternate program to set network configuration. It shows 3 settings (Network1,2,3). I’ve changed just Network1 to a fixed IP). Now where I activate the configuration n.1 ? I rimember on the forum a GUS post but I couldn’t find … sigh. (I attached an ENC board to SPI socket).

  1. LCD (good old T35) how can be accessed from programs ? I need all the Presentation.xxx (or Glide) framework or there are some direct write methods (like gadgeteer display) ?


  1. interfaces are
    internal (you do not have on G120)
    ENC28 (you need second one)
    WiFi RS91

  2. http://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/34/displays and do not forget to write the display config first. The T35 page is not up yet (will be in few days) but you can see how it is done here https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/67/display-cp7-module and the gadgeteer driver has the proper values.

Thank you gus!
I know that I need enc28 and I have connected on g120hdr spi socket. How I setup network configuration? Can I use the ghi software replace for mfdeploy ?

Gus said it’s the second network listed in the GHI app.

Aahah yes after a while I got it! Easter wine effect…

Ok network working no problem.

One more question: where I can find eagle footprint for G120 module ? Or better doest it exists an Altium footprint ?

FEZ Cobra II

Thank you Gus.

I create a LBR for Eagle 6.4, with schematic and footprints for G120, RED_PINE and SD socket.