G120. PowerLevel

I need to reduce the power use of the G10 to increase battery lifetime.

In 4.2 new Hibernate features is introduced as e.g. DeepSleep.

Here the enum PowerLevel is said to be defined by the hardware vendor, say GHI.
Whats has GHI decided her?

And does any one have some code/examples on howto clock down the G120?

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We currently only support hibernate.

Please make some work on this tropic :wink:

There is a lot of posts - but not many answers!

But on the current release this is stated as “•Low power modes are unimplemented or untested.” in the known issues section? So should hibernate be used on the G120 or not (yet)?


I had confused G120 and EMX. No low power is available on G120, not even hibernate. We will be fixing this very soon.

Ok, thank for the confirmation Gus, I’m waiting for the fix before writing the code for this :slight_smile:
This should also answer some other active threats in the forum about this subject.

Uh - just noticed this, I didn’t have a watch on it. I was really wondering why Gus said Hibernate was supported on the G120, but untested!

For now I can disable Hibernate with an “if G120” in the code, and just to be sure add a configuration option on SD or EWR so the user can disable it in the field should it be found to have problems on the EMX.

Now were you are working on this :slight_smile:

Then please make a function that can clock down the processor, also.

There is a lot of appications where it could be nice to have an eazy way to set at CPU speed devider like 2, 3, 4 times etc down to 12 MHz.

And a way where one can go into a uA slleping mode.