G120 Powered LCD clock

I had some G120 modules lying around and some nice Newhaven 4.3" LCD’s so I decided to make a clock with them and have 2 displays. The first will show time and date and the second one various sensors that I have sending out MQTT packets.

The right hand display is just the first rough cut one and I want to make this prettier. :slight_smile:

There is a RS21 WiFi module on the right hand display that is used to sync time and get the sensor data via MQTT.

I have used CANBUS to link the 2 displays so that I can send synced time to the clock display and also setup alarms etc. There is a small buzzer to do the alarm sound.

The panels are made by Schaeffer-AG in Germany and the text is printed rather than the normal engraving I go for. Just a test and it looks good.

The sides are made with red perspex which is quite dark so you can just see the insides.

The 2 USB ports are supposed to be on the back but I goofed with the footprint and they ended up sticking out the front. Makes programming easier with it assembled. :wink:


Looks great

Thanks Gus and thanks for the re-posting on Facebook to :slight_smile:

The next step is to use the 2 OSD3358 modules to do a 7" version as a learning exercise.

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Dave cool gizmo.
We just finished a design with a 7". FWIW, we used this LCD and it was real nice.


200cd/m2 is not very bright. Ideal for indoor use but no use for outside, even in a cabinet. Most of my units with the Newhaven 7" are located outdoors in a sealed IP68 enclosure with a clear front so need to be visible. The older 280cd units from Newhaven just didn’t work but the recent sunlight readable models at 800cd are perfect and bright.

Do buydisplay.com have anything that is sunlight readable? I am working on an OSD3358 design and would like to find something to work with them. Ideally 1024 x 600 but looks like they don’t do anything above 800x480 (same as Newhaven as it happens)

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Added some more data to the right hand display. Weather comes from OpenWeatherMap.org and the rest is from sensors around the home.

RED numbers indicate no data for 30 seconds (snapshot during my testing)

Weather is using some code I found on Codeshare that Gus posted in the past. Had to edit this to make it work with OpenWeatherMap but it was quick and easy with C#. :slight_smile:

Got some setup screens to complete and add and possibly a 5 days forecast display and then I am all set for it going live in the front room.


so how do you get fridge/freezer temps?

A couple of DS18B20’s are installed in each compartment and a NodeMCU module captures the data and sends it as MQTT messages.

I used ribbon cable to connect them as this is flat around the door seal so reduces the amount of loss through that point if I was to use larger cable.

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ah, the old “flat ribbon against the seal” trick eh.


It was better than drilling a hole in the side. Something SWMBO would not care for very much. :slight_smile:

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@ Dave McLaughlin - Yest, oddly, SWMBO is ok with cables dangling off the fridge… I get vetoed on both of those.

@ mcalsyn - I am sure he painted them white, glued flat to fridge…she hasn’t even noticed

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don’t use the multicolour flat ribbon, only use the simple grey ribbon. And make sure you buy one of those silver/metallic looking fridges. It’s the perfect camouflage :slight_smile: