G120 Pin 7 P2_11 GPIO Clarification

We are developing a custom board, based on the G120, and I need to clarify pin 07 (P2_11). The assumption is that this is a GPIO pin - the user manual has no notes of info for that pin, so our assumption is based on that.
We are using a Molex 104168-1620 combo SIM/SD connector that has a S/W pin, for Card Inserted detection, and are planning to use the same pin, 07.
Based on the schematic from the Cobra ||| , where this pin is used for the CDN (not sure if that is the Card Detection Switch or logic) we are hoping to use the same pin.

Can anyone confirm that all is good on this, or if we should avoid using the 07 pin?

@ Zan -

I have done a rather exhaustive examination of all signal lines on the CobraIII and their connection to the G120 SoM and to the newly-released GXP Gadgeteer Bridge.

Port P2.11 has no defined D## designation, no associated signal name, and goes only to pin 7 on the G120 SoM to the MicroSD connector, pin 9.

Taking this a step farther, the following URL shows the pinout signal names for the SD connector. [url]http://www.interfacebus.com/MicroSD_Card_Pinout.html[/url].

This site shows two pin outs, one for the SD mode and one for the SPI mode. In either mode, the function of MicroSD connector pin 9 is not shown in the referenced URL. In my own documentation, I show ??? for the function of pin 9 of the MicroSD connector.

Then at the following URL, I found the scary info tabulated below:

[url]Redirect Notice

Pin  SpecName   Spec Description         GHI Signal Name
---  --------   ----------------         ---------------
1    CD/DAT[3]  Data line 3              SD.D2
2    CMD        Command line CMD         SD.D3
3    VSS1       Ground                   SD.CMD  
4    VDD        Supply voltage VDD       Vcc
5    CLK        Clock                    SD.CLK
6    VSS2       Ground                   GND
7    DAT[0]     Data line 0              SD.D0
8    DAT[1]     Data line 1 or           SD.D1
                interrupt (optional) 
9    DAT[2]     Data line 2 or           SD.CDN
                Read Wait (optional) 

Something is not right on the pin outs shown on the CobraIII schematic for the MicroSD connector or the signal names there affixed.

@ srogers - thanks for the detailed information. Seems that maybe we should stay away from the pin.

I will report back once we test our PCB, we are just ordering it today, so will put some options to try maybe couple of pins on this.