G120 pictures, hot off the oven, literally!

Look what I found on my desk! Production G120 boards. One final test to be done and the machine is ready to spit them out like candy!

We are very exited about G120 (and its related offers), we hope you are as well.

I do not think you guys realize how small it is. I was surprised when I first saw it myself. Here is a picture next to EMX. It is about half the size and still not losing features or IOs.


So are you using the EMX as a co-processor? :smiley:

Very Exciting! I can’t wait for the release.


Looks delicioso!

@ Gus - you want some European beta testers wink wink nod nod :wink:

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These are fun to build. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe you. You will have to send me one to prove it to me :slight_smile:

All dressed up with no place to go! :slight_smile:

I/We need something with the modules already mounted.

I am sure GHI has it covered already.

Of course, but it is time to uncover! :slight_smile:

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@ taylorza - I don’t think building these by hand would be fun.

And trust me I have no where near the skill (see profile “Hardware : Basic experience. I can connect an LED”), but I am sure playing with a ready built one will give me a feeling of the fun you guys had building it :)…

Too be honest, I will need to wait for the Gageteer form factor before I can even think of playing with this… but those specs excite me I can’t wait!

Ahhh… They’re so cute when they’re naked like that :slight_smile:


That wasn’t creepy…at all.



really cool…

Now that’s a sweet, tiny SoM. Well done guys!

@ Michael - when do we get to see a video of your machines in action assembling this thing?


@ ianlee74 - That I am not sure about. I leave that up to Gus.