G120 overclocking causes exception

I now get an exception when I try to use the following code to overclock the external memory on the G120. It worked fine on previous SDK’s and I am using the latest now.

There is a noticeable speed difference in speed without this on the G120 and using a 5" LCD.

Register EMCCLKSEL = new Register(0x400FC100);
EMCCLKSEL.ClearBits(1 << 0); // OVERDRIVE

Is there a reason this happens on the latest SDK and firmware?

@ Dave McLaughlin - What exception do you get?

@ Dave McLaughlin - How much are you overclocking them to?

Double :smiley:

Can’t recall. Let me setup the board tomorrow and post back what I find.

@ Dave McLaughlin - see: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=22441

Thanks Rob. There is a quite a difference in observed speed with the old and new designs. Without the hack, the new ones are slower. On my old board running with a G120 and a 5" LCD and the hack enabled, I can type quite quickly into the keyboard but with the new ones without the hack, you have to slow your typing down or it misses them.

Yes i know… I am not happy with the “improved” sdram timing… maybe @ GHI can revert the “improved” change.