G120 & My board

Hi Guys! I want to share with you my design. This device is based on the G120. It contains a lot of interesting and more adapted to industrial automation, as I myself do it.

  1. RS232
  2. 2xRS485
  3. Ehernet
  5. 6x Input optic swich
  6. i/o port.
  7. LCD port.

I expect you, reviews and suggestions.


What not to love about all if it, well done :slight_smile:

More details are always welcome.

Good job Anton!!!

Gus What would you like me to say to you in more detail.

@ Anton_Capiton - Whatever you can share. Where is that board is going to be used, etc.

While the board will be tested peripheral libraries will be written under the periphery, much will be used from libraries GHI. Then I’ll expand the capabilities of the board so that it can also receive analog signals from the sensors of temperature, as well as a current signal of 4-20 and 0-20. this fee designed because I do not really like the programming languages ​​that now exist for automation.
And I really love the language C #. I am very pleased to program it.

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@ Anton_Capiton - nice looking board:)

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to implement in G120. Until all of the stops for the money which is needed for development. But I am very glad that he had made his board.

Great job! That board looks like it fits in an industrial environment. Will it play the role of a NETMF PLC or something like it?

I called the board PLC Ligic G120, while I do not consider it to be used in industry, but the tests necessarily spend in the real world. I just can not win Siemens. :slight_smile:

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