G120 LPC1788 and emWin

has anyone checked out the free emWin for NXP Cortex series, like the LPC1788 in the new G120?
It is awesome! Anti-aliasing, Window functions and all kind of stuff.
I watched a video showing a 7" screen and it was fluid like nothing else, really impressive. And all done with the LPC1788 as in the G120.

So now to a question, would it be possible to build an app, in say Rowley Crossworks, and use this emWin and use the RLP to talk between the two?
If this could be done it would be like amazing!!


Yes you can add it using RLP.

Hi Gus,
excellent! Have you ever seen it?
This together with the G120 is just perfect for our needs.
I’m eagerly waiting for the first spec sheet on the G120.
All the best, Mikael

Yes I have seen some videos. NETMF already supports many things for graphics, and with Glide you will get really close to what you need and even be better in some cases. Alpha blending is cool to have but will not stop any project :slight_smile:

If you get it working in RLP, we would love to see it. I am sure the community will also like to get a hold of the code.

here is that emWin video: