G120 LCD Backpack

Check out the 3.7" capacitive touch LCD “backpack” I just finished for the G120 HDR module.


That looks pretty neat. I have board that uses the G120 and WiFi that connects direct to a 5" LCD in a similar manner. If you enable the RAM over clocking it is amazing how much faster the G120 whizzes along.

What is the resolution on your LCD?

The lcd is the 3.5" Newhaven. Its 320 x 240 resolution.

Ah, I didn’t see they had a 3.5" CAP touch display.

Do you have touch drivers working as Simon created a very nice one for these controllers.


I’ve adapted this to work with the G400 software I2C too.

Even though Simon states that it shouldn’t really be used with a shared I2C bus it can as long as you use a semaphore to handle the I2C access. I have a bunch of I2C ADC’s being sampled every 10ms and touch works just fine.