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G120 Interrupts


Hi, we just get two G120 modules one is just the SoM and the other one is the HDR.

I want to check with you this application for the G120 and get some feedback on it, I hope that is clear enough.

I need to create a controller for a machine that will be doing holes really fast.

This machine does the holes using a signal, the same signal goes to the controller, while the machine is doing a hole the controller has to look for certain conditions (some digital inputs and a couple of analogs) to check that everything is working good, if everything is ok the controller will set a latch bit that will allow the machine to process the next signal, if not the machine won’t process any following signals and the controller will return a message to the user indicating the error cause.

My problem is that this machine will be running up to 5KHz, that will be a maximum of 5000 holes per second.

I looked on the forums that MF is able to handle an interrupt in a time frame of 100mSec (it was an old post). this will be 10 per sec, it’s not enough for my application.
I was wondering if this speed has improved using the G120? (I haven’t done the timing test yet)
If the G120 speed is not up to this requirement using the MF, I’m planning to do another test using the RLP library which looks really promising but I would prefer to have everything on managed code. Do you have a good document with examples of installing an ISR on RLP?
Also I would need to share some information between my unmanaged ISR and the managed code, any example or best practices doing that?

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback



We have several good RLP examples on codeshare. Here is one of them:


Thanks for the quick reply.


You are welcome!