G120: I2C clock stretching

I have a touch controller TSC2007 and it is holding the I2C line low,

-Is it clock stretching?
-Is clock stretching working in G120?

It is an old design and I am trying to add a this touch IC

I tried both HW and SW I2C @100Khz

Sounds like a silly question, but do you have pullups on the SDA and SCL?

I’ve used that controller many years ago and don’t recall any issues with clock stretching.

Yes…I have 1.5K for both lines

other devices on the bus work ok

It is normal for slaves to do clock stretching but for very short periods usually.

what is the clock speed of SoftwareI2CBus on G120.

If there a way to run it at 10Khz

Not sure but it easy to try. If speed is an issue then use hardware.

It is much faster on sitcore of course.