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G120: How To Access The Analog Pins


Hi Everyone, I am having difficulties accessing the analog pins on a G120. I was wondering which namespace / class I would use to access them.




Is there any way to write to an Analog Pin (i.e. Sets the voltage on the analog output pin)




Bauland’s link seems to be exactly what you asked for, but depending on your purposes, you may also be interested in this technique:

PWM to Analog Instructable

A basic RC filter can turn a PWM signal into an analog signal. I’ve never tried this before so I don’t know how easy or hard it is to make it accurate over any given range of duty cycles at any given frequency. It seems the built-in dac also has accuracy issues to consider.


There is an AnalogOutput function.

If you are looking for something with reasonable accuracy, I’d use an external ADC/DAC as the reference is very poor and not stable. It is basically Vdd without any filtering.