G120 for medium volume production

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to contact GHI via the email form on the website, but without much success. So I’ll try my luck here instead.

I am investigating different options for a customer for an IOT application that will be produced in medium volumes. A first run is expected of 1000 units with a possible subsequent run of 34.000. My first task is determining if the G120 is a good fit for this application. I found that from a technical point of view it looks great. However I have a BOM price target that must be met.

So my first question is: how do I get in touch with someone that can give me price indications for the volumes mentioned?

Secondly I am trying to ascertain what additional services GHI can provide. In particular pre- programming our final application into the modules that we buy to simplify production.

And thirdly I would need to have some idea of the longevity of this module. Are there any guarantees for how long it will be available?

I hope someone from GHI can help me out.

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When did you contact us? Did you receive a condemnation email?

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Epic iPhone fail Gus :smiley:

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@ Bill Gates - funny, that is suppose to be confirmation :slight_smile:

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Hi Gus,

I tried the email form about 2 weeks ago and then again last week. Never got any reaction apart form an automated email saying “we’ll be in touch within 2 days”.


PS: No, I’m not that Omicron.

@ OmicronB - I got your email Friday night and planned on responding Monday morning, which is still the plan.

@ Gary: I will be meeting with my customer on Wednesday. I hope you can find some time to help me out before then.

Hmmm. I am sure that this is important for both parties…

Did you check the spam folder ?

Did you call +1 248 397 8856 and talk? I would suggest to do this at 10am EST.

Gary is down with the flu. As for longevity, G120 week be available for years to come, like five to ten years. As for pricing, $30 is the small volume price but in higher volumes the price is better. I can’t give you a price now but Gary will be in touch.

Please let me know if I can further assist you.

And by the way, we only received the email on Friday. We did not find anything from two weeks ago.

Forgot to answer the other question. Yes we can provide any services you need, from special programming to custom designs. We like to think of our customers as partners. The more successful you are, the more modules you will need :slight_smile:

Hi Gus,

Thanks for your reply. I just got a quote from my local distributer (mouser) for 1000 units, so I’m going to use that price in my proposal to the customer. As it stands now the G120 option makes a lot of sense for a production run of 1000, mainly because of the software functionality it provides (this reduces development cost considerably). For volumes of 10000 or more it will be a hard sell though (compared to a traditional C-based microcontroller solution).

My angle is going to be that the G120 will give us the fastest time to market, which in this stage of the business might be the most important factor. We’ll see how the discussion goes.


@ OmicronB - I should have been reading the forum, I just sent you a reply. For future inquiries please feel free to email me directly.

@ OmicronB - even at 10,000 it may still make sense to use a module. At a 100,000 it is usually better to not use a module but even then we can still help with the design and the software. We do not just sell modules, but work with you on finding the ultimate solution.

@ Gary: I’m almost afraid to say it, but I haven’t received your reply yet. Internet gremlins conspiring against us?

@ Gus: Yes, it all depends on BOM cost at those volumes. One thing that would help is the use of the internal ethernet of the LPC1788 as the ECN28J60 is relatively expensive as far as I can tell (compared to say a LAN8720).

@ OmicronB - I just sent it to you via direct message, message me back just so I know for sure you got it.

@ Gary: thanks, I got your private message. I sent you an email in reply as it seems I don’t have the experience points needed to use the private messaging system. My questions are answered for now though.

@ OmicronB - Sounds good, good luck tomorrow!