G120 Footprint

Is there a G120 pcb footprint file laying around here?

Yes, in the Cobra files

Under the CobraIII’s resources section?

If anyone else is looking for Altium Designer versions, you can download them here.


Includes the G120, G120HDR, G400-D, G400-S, Cobra2, Gadgeteer sockets, cellular modem, G30 (not checked 100% yet) and WiFi-RS9110

Free for any use but if commercial, please mention my name in your documentation :slight_smile:

As usual, you are free to use but I can not be held responsible for errors or omissions. You are the final judge in the use of these and should triple check your design before committing to manufacture. I’ve used almost off the parts (except the G30) so I know they work but please check before you use them.


Thanks much Dave. So attribution in the appendix of the documentation. I suppose I can also put stuff in the forward :slight_smile:

Yip, anywhere is fine. :slight_smile: