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G120 Flash memory compare HowTo?


I have some behavior problems with a custom board based on G120. I like to check if something has changed in firmware once the board behaves strange. For example by calculating a checksum of code memory and compare it with the checksum from an earlier stage… Anyone knows how to do that or how to access the firmware?

The following code does not work because it generates a low level MCU exception at the Read(). might be read protected i guess.

            uint sum = 0;
            for (var address = 0xf0020000; address < 0xf0120000; address++)
                var memPtr = new Register(address);
                sum += memPtr.Read();
            DebugHelper.DebugPrint("sum=" + sum);

Update 3/10… Solved the issue … if interested see my comment at


I had requested something similar added to IFU class. To check different regions after n update but this is something you can use in this case as well.

The challenge is that we like to add more and more but we nee dot make sure we keep the device secure, to us and to you.


@ Gus - Yes, security is an important factor. Thanks