G120 FirmwareUpdate

Hello everyone works with G120 Module,
one week ago, I want using a new hardware based on G120 module. I have get a new G120HDR 1.1 board.
Now I would like make a firmware update form to But after I have made the first four steps in update application
the module couldn’t connect to the PC and the Updater show an error.

  1. Connect to the PC
  2. LDR0 und LDR1 to Low
  3. Reset to Low
  4. LDR0 und LDR1 to High

After this steps no connetion to the PC is possible.

What can I do to restart the boar in the right mode fo updating the fimeware ?

Have anyone an idea ?

thx a lot.


I’ve updated my G120s like that. Are you sure that you are grounding P2.10 and P0.22? P0.10 is right next to P2.10 - so please check that.

Thx, but I think so! I have ground P0.22 and P2.10.

P2.10 (#) P0.11
P0.1 P.016
P0.18 P0.22 (#)

other connector-

This marked Pins I have connected to GND and I have made a Connection Reset-Pin to GND.

I’m wondering, if I connected the Display it is white, and if I make a reset I expected a reaction on the display.
But I can’t see it ?

@ Schmidt - Do you keep reset low all the time? Step 3 Reset low, insert step 3a Reset High…

Isn’t there one more pin on the G120 where you need to select USB mode!?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - defaults to usb

As always, show us what device shows up in device manager when it gets to the failed state.

Hello everyone,
I think, I have done all steps…

But everything went wrong.

ldr0 and ldr1 to low; reset high, low, high; ldr0 and ldr1 high…

The only thing i’ve seen is an white sreen on the display.
And the device isn’t detected on the PC. After changing the usb port and plug in the cable, only a raw device is detected on the PC ?!?

Can everone tell me, what I did I do wrong ?

It’s possible that I can reset the module ?

thx a lot.

@ Schmidt - When the device is detected as raw device does G120 updater software not recognize the device? Yesterday i had trouble updating Hydra which was related to installed usb drivers mix up… You could try the approach that worked for me.

1 disconnect device
2. de-installing all GHI software
3. removing all USB drivers using USBdeview.exe
4. manually delete all folders C:\Program files\GHI Electronics
5. Reboot system
6. Install GHI SDK 4.2.8
7. attach device and wait until drivers are installed.

Please tell us exactly what device is shown in Device Manager. In at least the normal boot mode you mention “raw device” so please show us a screen shot of what is visible to DevMgr

Hi Gus,
I have install the new version of the GHI SDK (4.2.8) including the USB driver.
After I have done the update is working fine.

thx for your informations.

@ Schmidt - Now you can mark the question as answered :slight_smile:

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