G120 Field Update


What are the possibilities may cause the G120 field update failure. The failure here means that the board/device can’t boot up after calling InFieldUpdate.FlashAndReset(). We have to send a tech to the field and reload the application via FEZ Config (USB port) when the failure occurs. The new version firmware was download by the device via TCP/IP and it was loaded into the device by calling InFieldUpdate.Load(InFieldUpdate.Types.Application, data, data.Length) multiple times (the new version of firmware was divided into multiple block when downloading) and the application calls FlashAndReset until the Load finished successfully. We have over one thousand boards installed in the fields. The auto update feature run well in general until few boards run into this issue recently. Please advise.

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Can you reproduce the failure at your workplace? If not then try a friendly network connection.

Otherwise then next field trip first try dump the image from the G120 if you can, connect with MSDeploy or “FEX Config” then comparing hex files.

We use USB transfers and a custom built tool to do our updates (last .NETMF release) so the in-field update works well for us.

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@ PHITEK - Thank you for pointing the right direction. It was caused by an bug in IFU modules of the application. You are correct. The image from the G120 was different from the original hex file. Thanks again for the help!


@ larry240 - Great to hear that you found the issue, the community needs this feature IFU to be rock solid.