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G120&ENC28 Problem

I understand it, the fact is that the module does not go into maintenance mode, no com port is presented. Here is a diagram for my buttons.

Look at the first page of the post there is a post with pictures. ka so on a laptop I have no com port section no. But it should appear when the device appear in the mode of com port.

Spread scheme can somebody found error. P-CAD2006

Ask developers G120 analyze my scheme, to make comments or suggestions.

I understand that the problem does not exist. I just have one question what do I do with the Internet if I constantly pops an exception if I try to configure the SPI regardless of his numbers?
Today, it was decided to create another board and make the best. I will need ADVICE developers G120 and all who can help. I will have a few questions but that’s another post.

I have tried to open it in PCAD Viewer but it failed.