G120 com.oe

Do someone know what the COM.OE pins on the G120 are about?? What do they do?? What’s the purpose?


OE is Output Enable. These seem to be the RTS or equivalent (see page 7 of the G120/G120e guide, you can see one is explicitly on an RTS pin. I think GHI need to respond if they’re suitable as GPIO (I expect them to be) and if the OE (secondary use) is enabled in the firmware in any way

If you look into the CPU docs, you can see that the OE Output is an auto toggle pin for read and write operations.
By this you can use for example an RS485 chip that needs explicit read write operation set by a pin.
I dont know a way to enable this feature through the SerialPort class.
But you can use the Register class or RLP code to set it to your needs.

Output enable. This pin is currently not supported.

@ Gus, can you clarify that statement? The use of the Output Enable secondary function is not supported, but the use of the pin as a GPIO is? Or is that pin not able to be used at this time, at all?

@ Brett - it is a hardware feature built into the processor. Our software doesn’t support it.

still doesn’t answer the question :slight_smile: Is this pin still able to be used as a GPIO?

You can use it as an GPIO (i do) and you can manually modify the UART Registers to use it as OE.