G120 - Code Read Protection

I was just thinking about enabling CRP on a G120 module, and discovered that CRP3 is already enabled. I guess that this is to protect GHI’s code, but leaves my application unprotected and downloadable using FEZ_config.

I have also seen in the release notes that application protection is not yet implemented, with no indication of when it will be.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me much since the effort involved to do something useful with the downloaded code would be too high for anyone to bother with. In this case, though, there is someone that just might have enough incentive to do it.

So, has anyone come up with a good way to prevent downloading the application?


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hi steve - I am interested in knowing this also …Im in the same boat.

I am interested too!

This is one of things to be completed with 4.3 SDK coming soon

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Thank you Gus.

How soon is soon? My soon sometimes never ends!

An estimate is OK, we won’t hold you responsible!


Weeks not months

Well, if you collect enough weeks, you get month I guess. Depends on how you count :wink:

But really looking forward to it.
How many times do I have to use the Atmel Updater for my Raptor before it works the nice way ? :whistle: