G120 Cannot use G120Updater

Got an interesting one here. Been flashing G120’s and EMX’s for several years…

A G120 connects to VS2012 and the assemblies load but on running it complains firmware mismatch. Ok, simple… I typically run the G120Updater tool to upgrade.

So I reset with the 2 pins low and get my GHI Boot Loader Interface COM port. Wonderful.

Except G120Updater refuses to see the board.

So then I open a terminal and try the old ‘b’ ‘v’ commands, but get no response from it.

Any ideas how it can work but not work?

What do you see in device manager?

As I said, under ports: GHI Boot Loader Interface - COM 12

Alright, so today it works with absolutely no change. Other than perhaps the PC suspended overnight.

b command and GHI120Updater.

Oh well… Guess next time I should do the old ‘restart PC’…