G120 and TE35 LCD - display is offscreen on the left

I finally got around to firing up the G120HDR module with the TE35 LCD and the boot screen text is slightly off the screen to the left. For instance, the word LCD starts at about half way through the letter C.

Do I need to reprogramme the LCD registers for this board to sort out this alignment error?

I have not finished the PCB design that this will plug into so I can’t run any application on it yet to see if the display is correct when I draw some graphics.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yep, but since Im just using this for debugging I did not care and moved my bitmap 20pts :smiley:

This is caused by the fact that the T35 and TE35 are slightly different when it comes to LCD configuration. By default in the firmware, all boards are configured to use the T35 display configuration instead of the TE35 display configuration. All you have to do is set the display values to what the TE35 display uses and it will correct the position.

The easiest way to do this is to create a blank Gadgeteer project only using a G120 board (currently FEZ Cobra II) and a TE35 display module. Deploy and the values will be set and you are good to go.

Another way to do this would be to grab the TE35 display configuration code from the Gadgeteer driver and use this in your application.

Thanks Steven for the explanation. I hadn’t realised there was much of a difference in the 2 displays.

I am still waiting for the custom PCB to arrive so I can programme it. Once it does, I’ll use similar code to what I used for the 5" display to configure on the fly. This way every new install will auto adjust the timing.