G120 and Ethernet


The documentation states that the G120

“Ethernet support is available using the built-in NETMF TCP/IP and SSL stack through the on-board base-100
Ethernet PHY on the G120E and through an external ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet chip on both the G120 and the G120E.”

My question is if I wire up the ENC28J60 to the G120 how do get the onboard netmf to recognize it is attached and allow access
via the tcp/ip stack?

Also, if I were to wire up an alternate (ie WizNet) is it possible to get the tcp/ip stack to recognize it?


Are you referring to this document that I quoted from?
It is not helpful in anyway. Can you be more precise?

"not supported from the built in stack, you would need to develop your own driver "
A new driver would require the netmf source for the G120 which is not available right?

@ Dale Lyons - not that document. You need the networking documentation under the netmf support page. Follow the support link on the top of this website.

As for wiznet, you shouldn’t use it unless you have good reasons to do so. We need more details please.

Nope, wrong. You’d write the driver in C# referencing the underlying networking components - but you really don’t want to do this unless you have a real reason not to use what has already been provided.