G-400D and breakout HDR question


recently found my long lost G400HDR breakout with G400D module, from all the information i found on the forum i still don’t understand what pins i need to connect if i want to be able to program is using VS IDE
connection to PC will be USB but what other pins i need to connect and how?


thanks, this i understand but what if i don’t have it? can i work with soldering and pins to achieve that? if so then what are the pins? what do i need to do so that device will boot into USB mode and allow programming

Then you will need a serial to USB device or module and program through Serial. You still need a module

assuming i have such a device (FTDI) what pins do i need to connect? both for power and for usb/serial, tried several options according to my understanding on the manual but all failed, the best i got is “unrecognized usb device”

Ok. Describe how did you connect it and what pins.

this was my initial though (USB cable connecting) but i connected it to USBA_P, USBA_N pins
what about the power? do i need both 3.v and 5v? and to which pins is best connect to?

i don’t have time to purchase a power module right now for the immediate need i have, and it seems like you are talking about sockets and i wanted to use the HDR breakout, do you have any insights on that setup?

where can i find the correct and updated pinout table of the HDR breakout?

G400 is in downloads

you directed me to the G120 and i am using G400D with HDr breakout, it doesn’t look like they are the same…

This is the spec i used for the connections

  1. connected USB to USB_A_P and USB_A_N
  2. connected power supply 3.3v to VCC (pins 1 and 2)
  3. connected power supply GND to GND (pins 58 + 59)

do i need anything else? 5v? pull up resistors? modes? anything? since this doesn’t work, the PC says “unrecognized”

at first i left it hung and then tried to short to power supply GND but still no luck