FYI : Microsoft acquiring GitHub



This was a real pick me up. Didn’t predict that would happen.

I thought it was interesting. Wasn’t that long ago that Codeplex was closed and projects pushed to GitHub, I guess it shows MSFT are committed to developers. I do wonder about the pricetag (being an ex MSFT person, and still a shareholder), that’s a lot of cash for what, a free service? :slight_smile:

Git Hub charges to keep a project private. More importantly, Microsoft will have access to all that analytical information from those private projects.

Anyway, great way to go retaired for mr. defunkt … It seems MS made a $ operation … :hushed::money_mouth_face:

I think they see it as an easy way to push people towards VSTS and their build tools. I can imagine them adding automatic options to create build / test solutions in VSTS for your project etc

You either give GitHub at least $7 a month or you allow them to host, view, and share all of your code… I don’t know what it looks like on paper but it seems incredibly valuable in the right hands.

Monoculture is probably right as well. I bet we see a huge increase in VS use.

Seems legit.