Funny Robot with "brain" is FEZ Spider

A funny robot can talk and understand human language, with FEZ Spider inside :)))

Just for fun


Is that your project Dat?


@ andre.m -

No. just do something for fun at weekend because I like robot :))

No, these modules from GHI and they will be returned on this Monday :))))

@ Dat -

GREAT project…

Thanks :))

@ andre.m

It is just wifi or bluetooth :)))

:)), just write a small application on PC, get your voice and transfer to SPIDER over wifi or bluetooth, spider will process it. Someone did it, I saw :)))

@ andre.m -

yeb, that why i said “just for fun” :))))

but i don’t know why it delays 1-2 seconds when respond, so looks not real. anyway, just for relax :)))

Very cool, Dat! We should see more projects from GHI employees here. It should be required for high scores on your annual review :wink:

I love it. You should bring to the office and show everyone :wink: