Funny problem with Unread page?

A few days ago I posted a message titled “OBD II Capacity” on the Gadgeteer forum.

Now, when I go to the unread page, this message is always showing up. If I
clear all the unread messages, it still appears. It just will not go away.

Further, the icon in front of the message is blue instead of red. I believe
blue is for the Insider forum.

I am soooooooooo confused!

Yes, I have loaded the latest firmware.

You accidentally clicked on “mark unread” and so it will always be there till you “mark read” :slight_smile:

The exact same thing happened to me and took me a day to figure it out!


OK, that fixed it! It went away.

But, why would the Insider icon have appeared? Not a big issue. Not even a micro issue.

Room for improvement :slight_smile:

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They are actually different colors.

To close! I think they should be completely different icons