Funky Friday ®



I will be contacting you for my video producing needs.

Just so long as you don’t need him for your dancing needs too ::slight_smile:

@ Justin - I think someone has FAR too much time on their hands…

That’s what I can’t figure out. How the heck does J-man crank out all this hardware AND make sweet videos? It’s nuthin’ short of miraculous…


edit: I just HAD to watch it a couple more times

@ Justin - I could rate this but can’t see what the vid is all about, those stupid … rules. I think nobody in Germany will be able to view this or … ? :wall: :wall:

Here and on you-tube …

The video prompts something like this -> This video is not available in your country because of UMG music can occur in . We have not reached an agreement with GEMA about the terms of use for this.


@ PiWi - Here it is in a nutshell

Lots of boards, lots of blinkies and mini Justin dancing in his uniform. ;D

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@ Architect - Thanks.

@ PiWi - Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


@ Justin - Hilarious and Cool, especially the dancer … so that’s how you look :whistle:

Most epic NETMF video ever! I was fully expecting some sort of stop-motion. What did you use to do that?

Oh, the boards are pretty cool too… :wink:

You can do some pretty amazing stuff with a thing called Chromakey look here for a simple tutorial - YouTube