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Full TCP/IP stack needed?


Hi guys I am working on a company project and I needed to forward all Ethernet packets to serial port (Not using FEZ though, but I think the community might give me an answer for it).

Do you think I need a full blown TCP/IP stack on the hardware I am working on? Or a simple forwarding will do?

The Ethernet is sending packets at the rate of 10Mbps, and the serial hardware is capable of doing 3Mbps. Flow control is very critical in this case.

Let me know. Thanks.


If you want flow control at the TCP level you are going to need a full stack.


You are looking for a serial to Ethernet option ?

You can easily build one of these using a FEZ and the Wiznet option.

Alternatively you can use something like the Wiznet WIZ110SR or some other product. There are a lot of modules in the market for this application.

This said I would step back, look at the entire application and choose the module that can perform all functions rather than have a bulky dedicated serial<->Ethernet.



The Wiznet can only do 230Kbps on Serial, which is not what we wanted.

We need a 1.5Mbps solution.


I am not sure. Is 1.5Mbps possible on UART?


The OP said he is not using a FEZ. :smiley:

1.5Mbit UART are possible if the hardware supports it. Depends how clocking is done.


I believe we have a setup at work i can look at tomorrow that may fill your needs.

I think is was a Lantronix Device.

  1. Ethernet packets or TCP packets?
  2. transferring packets as is or replacing them with PPP?

With stream of UART data, do you know that if you do not convert packets to PPP format then you will not be able to determine when each packet starts and where it ends?

You do not need any stack, just read the packets from the MAC on your processor. But you still need a ways (like PPP) to mark the beginning and ending of every packet.


yah the hardware functions as a forwarding device to other similar hardwares so the TCP communication is between the end devices (computers) So I’ll just write some code that forwards Ethernet packets to serial.

I will definitely look at PPP. Thanks for the heads up.