Full SDK and super sale, the best news of the year!

Interesting, can someone at GHI mark my order as Gift “by mistake” :whistle:
I don’t like what I see when I calculate taxes :smiley:

So, the super sale is coming to the end. I saw how some items were out of stock quite quickly. Just out of curiosity, what was the hottest item that attracted the most interest (in terms of units sold)? :think:

I’d bet on the Holey Board, in terms of sheer numbers. At a buck each, I can’t be the only one who stocked up. :slight_smile:

But I’d be interested in hearing the stats, if GHI wanted to share…

you weren’t the only one. :wink: For the Aussie crew I pooled my order with we ended up with 15.

@ Brett - Heh. Not surprised.

I noticed over the course of the sale that the Holey Board has gone out of stock and back in several times. Not sure if they were running more boards, or what, but I think it’s fair to say it was a popular item.

Oh so it was you!!!

I was looking for some of those and some WiFi RN171 and Relay ISOx16 Modules as well as a Reflector R3 module. I see the Holey board is back in stock currently, but my order has been placed and happily before anything else went out of stock that I wanted.

Not gonna apologize for taking advantage of the deal. :wink:

Should’ve gotten up early (or stayed up late like I did).

@ devhammer - I stayed up late but you can’t expect me to sit in front of my computer without building something so I got distracted building a Gadgeteer Rover and forgot to put in my order till the next day, and yes I’m still kicking my butt over that, but the Rover is cool.