Full SDK and super sale, the best news of the year!

We come to you today with two amazingly awesome announcements. The first one is related to the NETMF SDK and discontinued modules. In light of the previous news post about locking the SDK for the entire year combined with the feedback we received from the community, we will be putting most, if not all, discontinued modules back into the NETMF SDK. This should make it much simpler for everyone as we guarantee that these will be in the NETMF SDK for entire 2015 year release!

Speaking of the discontinued modules, we cleaned up our warehouse and will be adding all stocked discontinued modules on the website, as a last time buy and at a ridiculously low price! Make sure you grab what you need before they are all gone.

The second amazingly awesome announcement is about the sale that is happening this weekend. We are giving you 20% off everything in the catalog, however we have also hand picked a few products that will be sold at an amazingly awesome discount. So here it is, your chance to get all of your holiday gifts stocked and ready, without breaking the bank.

For our dear GHI product hoarders, here are the must haves of the season:

$1 Holey Board
$4 Smart LED
$4 USB Camera
$5 Character Display
$14 Video Out
$19 Cerb40
$24 Cerbuino Bee
$34 Cerbuino Net
$39 Cellular Radio
$39 Cobra Eco
$49 PulseOximeter
$69 Raptor
$69 Cerberus Tinker Kit
$69 ALFAT Evaluation Kit
$139 Spider Kit
$$$ A long list of discontinued modules! And 20% off everything else.

…oh wait, did I mention that you get free worldwide shipping with orders of $250 or more? Enjoy!

Keep these links handy, the sale will start this Friday morning (eastern time) and will end Monday afternoon.

The sale: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/sale
20% coupon: GOBBLEGOBBLE


Big thumbs up for putting discontinued modules back into the NETMF SDK. I am really pleased to hear that.


It can never be said that we don’t listen to our community! ;D


Ok then.
Next: free express shipping to Europe please :whistle:

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - it is free already with a $250 order.

express or USPS “we deliver when the hell freezes over” shipping :wink:

We always listen but that doesn’t mean you get your way on everything, we can’t spoil you any more than you already are. :smiley:

We use the API to give the option we should use based on the shipping address. It will vary from country to country.

@ andre.m - tolle Idee

Ich leg am Freitag mal einen Warenkorb an, und geb dir bescheid wie viel ich zusammen krieg. Friday morning EST müsste so ca. früher Nachmittag bei uns sein.

It’s funny how some words mean so many different things around the world. Here’s what your order code means in Scotland


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@ Dave McLaughlin - even better lol

@ Gus - haha, now I am worried what else might be includes in the shipping with my order.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I know it’s Urban Dictionary, so one is somewhat forewarned, but a NSFW might be nice for those who aren’t expecting it. Just sayin’…


OOPS. Sorry, will do next time.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I used to love coming up with names for new products as usually it involved searches for different meanings in different languages and cultures. Sometimes it was pretty much impossible to come up with a name or word that didn’t mean something unintended somewhere.

Got my order in…one advantage of being up late is getting in early on the goodies!

Hope all my U.S. neighbors had a Happy Thanksgiving, and go fill those virtual shopping carts. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I was really wanting some of that discontinued robotics stuff and I’m all set up now. :slight_smile:

OK to all you Gadgeteer dudes who sent in their orders before I did, thanks for taking some of my stuff, but really its my fault as I put together my list of stuff last night and then got distracted by a Gadgeteer rover I’m building and then a Microsoft conference today so by the time I got my order in tonight some of the stuff was out of stock so now I’m kicking myself in the butt.

All and all a really good deal and I’ve got devices waiting to be built as soon as this stuff gets here, thanks GHI.


And by the way guys CodeShare some of the stuff you build with all the new modules and stuff you got today as I’m thinking there will be some sweet Gadgeteering going on with all this stuff.